You can find me on Cohost, social media is overrated anyway.

This version of my webpage is based on the JOHN DOE template.


My name's Niko Shens, I go by Reth online. I'm non-binary and use they/she pronouns. A fox online, still figuring out my fursona. I'm in Russia, in UTC+5. Not much else to say here.


I'm not proud of my earlier work, to be honest. So here's more-or-less recent stuff that I've made.


A list of a things I personally use/enjoy, and would like others to know about. In no specific order, of course. This list will expand in the future.




I prefer contact by Email, you can write me over at [email protected]. You can also contact me via Telegram, but I will ignore or block you if you just text me "Hello" with no follow-up.

In case you want to send me money, you can do it via Boosty or DonationAlerts, due to The Current Circumstances.

Woah, a hidden section! I'm predicting that Elon is going to die before 2025. This idiot is eventually going to poison himself or something. I'm gonna make the day he dies a personal holiday, same with any other billionaire. Bezos, Zuck, whoever else.